Monday, 29 September 2014

Where to go for Afternoon Tea in London ...

Have you ever fancied having a delicious afternoon cream tea surrounded by the opulence and grandeur of a secret London hotel?

How about starting your own vintage hotel silver collection?

Have a lovely week x

Monday, 15 September 2014

Stirred, Straight Up, with a Twist: Color My World

  LIFE, June 29, 1953
"Last year, working as a color consultant on John Huston's Moulin Rouge, LIFE photographer Eliot Elisofon brilliantly showed how color could be used not only to heighten realism but to play its own dramatic and psychological role in a movie. Recently Elisofon visited the Hollywood studios to demonstrate how his principles can be applied to a representative group of screen beauties."

"He took a group of ranking younger stars, had them dress in all white, put them against white backgrounds and blow-ups of black and white stills from recent movies, then chose a key color for each of them. Using color gelatins on his lights (like the spotlights which shine on the stage from theater balconies) and filters on his camera to control the color balance, he matched colors to each young player's movie character..."   read more

Monday, 8 September 2014

Grays Antiques ...

Our shop is in the basement of Grays Mews, which is part of Grays Antiques. Due to flooding a few weeks ago our shop is closed, but we are looking forward to returning to a remodelled shop! We were part of a pop-up in the Music Room next door, which gave dealers affected by the flood a chance to trade. Here's a short video of Arabella Bianco at the pop-up ...

The founder of Grays Antiques is Benny Gray, who recently celebrated 50 years in the business, for a bit of history read this post from the Grays Blog.

Although not in the shop, we are still trading from the website and vintage fairs!

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Vintage Stratton Powder Compacts ... We have our first compact in stock! It's a convertible compact by Stratton with a daffodil and iris design, for solid make-up or loose powder. The star design on the base dates it from the mid 1950s to mid 1960s. A lovely compact in unused condition!
How glamorous to take a compact from your bag instead of any old mirror! Here's a great blog post about Stratton compacts

Monday, 18 August 2014

Welcome back dear Readers! Read the latest news from Arabella Bianco ...

Hello dear Readers, welcome back! We hope you are enjoying our vintage style blog!

On Sunday 10th August, the basement of Grays Mews was flooded and our shop is currently closed. Refurbishment is underway!

We have just started stocking vintage quartz watches. Here is a fabulous silver tone vintage quartz watch by I.Magnin. I.Magnin was a high fashion department store based in San Francisco, California.